Poise, 2017

Duo show with Kristína Chrasteková.

Nevan Contempo, Praha

Curated by Pavel Vancat

Text by Pavel Vancat:

How do we achieve poise in today’s fluid, unstable world, which is constantly presenting us with new challenges and offering endless temptations and distractions? This is the question posed in the joint exhibition of videos by Kristína Chrasteková (SK) & Tommy Høvik (NOR). In her remixed video sequences Chrasteková searches for moments of instability in the risky movements of athletes transformed into endlessly falling angels, while Høvik targets the same point from the opposite direction. From simple motifs he creates scenery and an environment that destabilises not only himself but the surrounding reality. Both artists finally meet at a fraught point of intersection: poise is not a state but a continuous and never-ending process.

Tommy Høvik: A nest on the waves of the sea, 2017

Neon 120 x 7 cm

Tommy Høvik: Passage, 2016
Fan, spirit levels, paint, concrete, nylon.

187x60x222 cm

Tommy Høvik: The Dance, 2017

Paper collage

Kristína Chrasteková

Video projections

Kristína Chrasteková